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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Friendship & Knockout Punches

Have you ever sat and wondered how your seemingly warm and fuzzy life and friends just disappeared one day and left you high and dry? You go to sleep and wake up in the twilight zone where everything familiar and sweet and meaningful to you is upside down or gone?

I have had a very awakening year or so and though I don't tend to care much for swearing at this point in my life, the thought that keeps coming to me tonight is "well damn". A girl could surely catch a complex if she wasn't careful.

I could sing a sad and soulful tale here but everyone has lost people they love and had to move on, but somehow there are just people you thought loved you back and would be there until the end.It makes you ask yourself,"what is wrong with me" ?

Recently I lost a dear friend that just quit talking to me. She told people that I had changed and she didn't know who I was anymore. Well everybody changes in some ways over the years or dies.And the other person may actually be the one that's changed! I think as you get older you may change even more as you see time slipping by and there is so much you want to do while you can. If someone won't journey with you, sometimes you still have to move ahead. Someone even told me that when God removes someone from your life that you don;t need to chase after them because maybe there's a reason and he wants one or both of you to learn something you haven't figured out yet.At any rate, I still love my sister from another mother and hope to see her again someday. But that doesn't mean she feels the same way about seeing me. I think if she did, she would get in touch.

Then today, I see a person I thought was my good friend in high school. She doesn't even remember who I am. And that's okay, its just that the perspective we have about many things can be so wrong sometimes.

So I admit it! I am wrong! Apparently a lot. Still I hope that there is some part of me that is worth knowing as I have so much to share. I missed a lot in my school years and missed so many great people the first time around. What you didn't know is that I cared about so many of you then but was too shy at that time in my life to tell you.

I am learning about a lot of you on Face Book. Though many people curse it, I have found so many nice people and enjoy being even a tiny part of their lives.

But friendship is a sticky wicket and it can be laughter or it can slice your heart to the core. And sometimes there are things you just can't let go of or shake off. So be careful out there and be kind to each other. Be gentle with hearts and words you can't take back.

And to those who are absent, I still love you.

Good night and may God bless each of you as you travel this life.

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