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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Finding a New Voice

It is amazing to me what life is becoming. Life that was once so sweet and full of promise has turned into daily gloom and doom with death and destruction or big crazy at your door as psychos, rich people and terrorists (not necessarily in that order) try to conquer the world. You would have thought that after all the death down through history that people would have learned something, but no. Most just deny and smile and move on as long as they are not the ones being hurt or killed. You will talk a topic to death on Face Book but not lift a finger to actually help fix the world, Shame, shame, shame on you!

Why are millions of good people bowing to the lunatics of the world ? I do not get it!!!

I refuse to be a part of the destruction around me. I will not be politically correct and I will tell you the truth. So if you don't want to hear that truth, don't  ask me and for sure, don't push me. I will stand up for small children, elderly people and animals with every breath in my body. They are defenseless. YOU are not. Never attempt to harm any of them in front of me. It won't come out well for you, I promise. 

Tolerance is one thing but laying down everything you believe in and letting someone walk all over you and those you love is another story. Actually its an abomination. I believe in "live and let live" to a point. Be as crazy as you want, but don't cross the line where you harm anyone else. You may think you are king size in this world but the fact is you are only a tiny speck on this small planet in a vast universe.

I don't pretend to have all the answers. I only know what makes me mad enough to fight back and I fear that time may be along any day. 

Be one of the good people. Love your neighbor and give it all you've got to always do the right thing. BUT- if and when the time comes, stand tall and don't be afraid.

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