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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Times They Are A Changin'


Don’t  Tread  On  Me
Sabers rattle, drummers drum,
as something  wicked our way comes. 
Turn out the lights boys, close the door.
This is the one you’ve waited for.
This time they come to steal our souls,
our homes, our lives our baby boys.
To kill our brothers  in the streets.
False eyes to Allah must concede.

This time the signs are in the skies,
so choose the lines of truth and right.
No longer will we bend at knees,
but remember our fathers' “Don’t tread on me”.
We will not flinch. We’ll forge as steel.
Death to enemies of good and will. 
We’ll stay the course and tow death’s tines.
God help the ones, who cross the line.
We’ll die for what we know is true,

Seeking FREEDOM in all we do.

God bless this fight and see us through.

America forever … red, white and blue!
jb Sept 11 2010

I wrote the above on the 10th anniversary of 911. And even sadder now is that the same date is etched with more bloodshed in Benghazi a year ago. I will never forget those men and their bravery.
As we approach September 11 again, with anxiety I might add, please pray for a peaceful day of remembrance and that no more horrors occur on this now sacred day, now known as Patriot's Day. Whatever the truth about the whole story and who is or is not responsible, many innocent people are dead and at what cost?
As many have said previously, " the cost of freedom is NOT free"
May God bless the United States of America!
 © Joyce (Tidwell) Burns, ChynaMoon Creations, Chyna Moon Press,  1997-2013

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

You Know You're From Tupelo

Brick Kilns, Tupelo, Mississippi
Without the title above, many of you would be saying just what in the world is this?
In Tupelo's past, several of these brick kilns used to set alongside the railroad tracks at Crosstown (corner of Gloster and Main). I really never knew much about them, but for the fact that bricks were actually made here, but this history is getting fuzzy now with time. I would love to know more. 
My brother and I used to go on photo shooting binges and we photographed so much of old Tupelo. Problem is with our families many moves and life I seem to have lost a vast array of what we had captured. I am still searching through things that have been stored over the years hoping to find my goldmine. Not that these pictures would mean anything to most anyone else, but they mean a great deal to me as we captured something that is no longer available for the most part. That "something" is a part of me and seeing some of these things again assures me that I actually did live this wonderful life and that it was not a dream.
Life was so much richer then, so vibrant and clean. Colors so pure, air so fresh. Honor, respect and a good name ruled the day. Big deals between men closed on a simple handshake with no need for lawyers.Old family and colorful stories still overflow with bright and shiny memories. Things that can never be replaced and are priceless.
So from time to time I will share my wonderland with you as I rediscover its bits and pieces. If you have old photographs or some interesting story about Tupelo that you would like to share here, just send it to me.
I am part of this land, as were my ancestors just up the road. And sometimes when the moon is bright you can almost hear them whisper on the breeze. . .
way down South.

 © Joyce (Tidwell) Burns, ChynaMoon Creations, Chyna Moon Press,  1997-2013

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Solitude of Sorts

Did you ever have one of those days when you felt like you were walking the road of life totally alone and misunderstood?

It's been one of those days when nothing has gone quit right. I'm really not feeling sorry for myself or about the day, for God has been good to me.  This day just made me very sad and weary. I feel isolated and quite alone, and just want to curl up in a fetal position and sleep for a week.

And it amazed me at the folks who contributed to this mood. Friends, boss, work, even family all got into the act at one point or another. Surely hope that I don't make people feel this way. I am making a note to myself to try to be a better person and think before I open my big fat mouth or assume I know a situation when I am actually clueless. Or to ignore people, make them feel invisible by my actions or make fun of them because they are not my idea of perfection or beauty. To ask people around me how they are feeling and to actually listen.

Have you stopped to think about the person sitting next to you right now? What have they been through today? Did you add to their burden or did you make it lighter? Did you think about anyone other than yourself today? Do you care?

And mostly, what do you think your Creator would think of you this moment, if it were your last and how you went about using  this simple, quiet, precious  day of life you were given?

If you are allowed to wake tomorrow, what will you change?

 © Joyce (Tidwell) Burns, ChynaMoon Creations, Chyna Moon Press,  1997-2013