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Sunday, October 30, 2011


South of Pontotoc, Ms. is a piece of history that over the years has become a legend. There, nestled on a ridge is a beautiful old antebellum home called Lochinvar. It is currently owned by doctors, Forrest Tutor and his lovely wife Janice and they have lovingly become her caretakers and family.

The history of Lochinvar is amazing and can be traced all the way back to Scotland to the Gordon family of castle Lochinvar. The Gordons were very wealthy land owners and after coming to the United States this branch of the family continued to build wealth taking over land that had once been owned by the Chickasaw Indians. This territory became what is currently North Mississippi.

Lochinvar was built for Robert Gordon's young wife, Mary Elizabeth, and no expense was spared. Later when war came, Lochinvar survived the Civil War because of a kindness by their son, Colonel James Gordon and many years later Lochinvar survived an F4 tornado because of the love so many had for her. This time love of the community and the Tutors would come to her rescue, when common sense was screaming bring in the bull doziers.

I was privledged to listen to Dr.Tutor talk about his beloved Lochinvar for almost two hours last week at our local Historical and Geneaology meeting. He even mentioned her ghosts. My tiny blurb here doesn't scratch the surface on the history and stories Lochinvar has to offer. But if you want to know more about one of the most interesting places in the state of Mississippi, I suggest you research and read all about this wonderful lady.

Here's a link to a wonderful book Dr. Tutor has written about his amazing home and her history. I promise you will be both amazed and delighted. http://www.gordonsoflochinvar.com/

Thursday, October 27, 2011

About My Friend

I am surely not the best person to write this post as there were many who were much more suited, much better with words and much closer to Raymond. I wasn't in the daily, inner-circle but he was one of my co-worker family at NMMC and a friend, and was always kind to me, so I will simply speak from my heart from my point of view.
I have nothing but love and total respect for all the Emergency personnel in our lives. They work long, tiring hours away from their homes and families for little pay and are always the first on the scene to pull you out of some crazy mess that has endangered your life. Medical folks are constantly bombarded by life and death and all that lies between. If you work in the medical field in any aspect, you get it. If not you may never understand  the thing that drives these folks. It is 100% pure heart. They care until they bleed. It's a calling. And they are special angels.
Raymond had it. Raymond got it and he did it well ! And he did it for many, many years. He helped save many lives, earned the respect of his coworkers and as someone has already said, made many friends along the way. Raymond was witty and could make you smile when you just plain didn't want too. He was compassionate. He loved his job. He loved his family and his dear friends. And he was no doubt a music man.  

The thing is. When you look around today as you are celebrating his life and are missing that crazy mug, see the huge crowd of people who are honoring him today and take in the enormity of all the lives he has touched. This is a true testament to who Raymond Steele was (and is today in heaven). He was a good man, a good friend, and he was and is loved. In knowing him you have been a part of something special on this Earth.

Remember Raymond in all the ways you shared his friendship and keep his warm memory in the pocket of your heart. Rest in peace my friend.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Shadow Thoughts

Swirling mists,
and deep,

that aren’t shadows at all
but appear
with familiar hazy forms,
hiding in corners
of quiet rooms,
 with long
ghostly fingers
quiet voices
that rasp or giggle,
a tap on the shoulder
or sometimes
a deep throaty growl
in pitch blackness.

Yet I,
seek to know the answers,
of why you are here,
seek to find
where you have gone,
to find those who
have gone before,
and those still
with stories to tell.

But be careful
of what you seek in the
eerie, unnerving silence
for you may find
that curiosity
is a devouring

© Joyce (Tidwell) Burns, ChynaMoon Creations 1997-2011

Friday, October 7, 2011

Tupelo Historic Tours

When is the last time you truly wandered the streets of your hometown and wondered about all the things that used to be there? What happened when you were young? What places and stories do you remember? What happened before you were born? What buildings once stood on places you see daily? What things occurred at these places both gruesome and good  that make them what they are today?

I just spent a couple of hours this evening with some of the crew of a new business in Tupelo, Ms. called Tupelo Historic Tours. They offer several tours from Elvis to Historic Tupelo, the Civil War and my favorite Haunted Tupelo. These folks have dug deeply into our past and have uncovered many stories and facts that are both interesting and amazing about the place we live. I might add that they have verified this information with historians and eye witnesses of merit. And of additional interest, our EMF detector spiked a couple of times along the way when we were discussing historical hangings on the Court House lawn!

So if you would like to spend a little time for a wonderful evening or an earlier tour (they offer several time slots), or if you want some true ghost stories for Halloween, just go to their website (link below) and sign up for one of the several available tours. I hear the Elvis one is really good too.

And such nice and friendly folks! Thanks guys. It was great fun : )


Photo above copyright Tupelo Historic Tours