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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Reflecting, Understanding & Moving Forward

September 11 is upon us again. It's so sad to think of what we once were and what we are becoming.

What have I learned in the past thirteen years? I have finally learned that I am not a liberal and I am not a conservative. I am not a Democrat, or a Republican . . .

I am a spit-fire, 100 percent American and proud of it! 

I believe in God, America, justice, equality and always trying to do the right thing. I am thankful to those who came before me an afforded me the opportunity to dream and believe. I honor and respect those who died to grant me freedom that many are so carelessly throwing away day by day. 

I am proud of my small accomplishments, but prouder of my failures as they have taught me things I desperately needed to know to become a part of the good that still lives in part of this world. Failures made me a better person.

I grew up poorer than dirt. It didn't make me a bully or a killer. We didn't have the luxury to have someone give us free money every month. If we didn't work, we didn't eat. Am I supposed to feel sorry for those of you who just don't want to work because it interferes with your day? Well I don't feel sorry for you at all. You have opportunities every single day and you spit in its face. Being the young folks that you are you think it is so cool to to get everything for free at someone else's expense ! Sadly, it just shows your character. Just steal what you want if you can't earn it. Lie for it, kill for it. Things, just things, and you have sold your soul for them.You have all the time in the world to fornicate and have kids that pay the price for what you are doing and have no idea who the fathers of those children even are. And its not a race thing. Its all colors of people that have lost all respect and dignity for themselves and everyone else. You have no direction and no purpose. Things you must find to be who you really want to be, or to be anything at all. RESPECT! Google it !

You don't teach your children anymore but leave them to their own devices and wonder what happened! Beautiful children that need your love and guidance, but you can't give it because you are too busy being a drug head or worse. And its not just the crack heads, its also the prescription eating soccer moms and baseball dads!

The only one who can bring you out of this and to your senses before you self-implode is you! Sometimes age works things out as you get a little older an grow a little brain if you live past your twenties. My grandmother called it "climbing fools hill". Until then pretty much all you do is spew nonsense or intellectual (usually communist) bullshit and are just taking up space on the planet. And what a shame with the amazing body and brain you started out with. 

You can give an opinion on everything you know nothing about and can spend the rest of your time trashing our American values or God and losing a chance at stability you would give anything for later in life. And others of you spend your time just judging others all day. Well darling, take a look in that mirror, you aren't so perfect yourself! Everyone else is on Face Book and Twitter and all the rest of social media talking every topic in the world to death but never making the slightest move to do anything to actually change things! 

There are exceptions to all the above and to you I can't say enough good things. I hope you never lose sight of the fact that one person can make a difference and you can make things better. Today we are faced with the world as we know it going down the tubes. You may be the one person who can save it someday so move ahead and never look back. You are the survivors!

As for me, I will continue to grow old for as long as I can. I will pray to my God whatever atheist, communist, socialist, Marxist, agnostic, terrorist pigs do to try to stop me. I will put my hand on my heart and pledge allegiance to my country. I will do my best to protect children, the elderly and animals from crazy people as they are defenseless in this insanity.

Please try to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. You are the only future this world has to look forward too. Pull yourselves up. The sky is the limit and you can be anything you want to be. You just have to do it.

Remember the ones who died thirteen years ago tomorrow. They didn't have a chance to finish what they started but you still have that chance.Go for it and never forget all the people who sacrificed for you!

May God bless America and this aching world.

   © Joyce (Tidwell) Burns, ChynaMoon Creations, Chyna Moon Press,  1997-2014

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Friendship & Knockout Punches

Have you ever sat and wondered how your seemingly warm and fuzzy life and friends just disappeared one day and left you high and dry? You go to sleep and wake up in the twilight zone where everything familiar and sweet and meaningful to you is upside down or gone?

I have had a very awakening year or so and though I don't tend to care much for swearing at this point in my life, the thought that keeps coming to me tonight is "well damn". A girl could surely catch a complex if she wasn't careful.

I could sing a sad and soulful tale here but everyone has lost people they love and had to move on, but somehow there are just people you thought loved you back and would be there until the end.It makes you ask yourself,"what is wrong with me" ?

Recently I lost a dear friend that just quit talking to me. She told people that I had changed and she didn't know who I was anymore. Well everybody changes in some ways over the years or dies.And the other person may actually be the one that's changed! I think as you get older you may change even more as you see time slipping by and there is so much you want to do while you can. If someone won't journey with you, sometimes you still have to move ahead. Someone even told me that when God removes someone from your life that you don;t need to chase after them because maybe there's a reason and he wants one or both of you to learn something you haven't figured out yet.At any rate, I still love my sister from another mother and hope to see her again someday. But that doesn't mean she feels the same way about seeing me. I think if she did, she would get in touch.

Then today, I see a person I thought was my good friend in high school. She doesn't even remember who I am. And that's okay, its just that the perspective we have about many things can be so wrong sometimes.

So I admit it! I am wrong! Apparently a lot. Still I hope that there is some part of me that is worth knowing as I have so much to share. I missed a lot in my school years and missed so many great people the first time around. What you didn't know is that I cared about so many of you then but was too shy at that time in my life to tell you.

I am learning about a lot of you on Face Book. Though many people curse it, I have found so many nice people and enjoy being even a tiny part of their lives.

But friendship is a sticky wicket and it can be laughter or it can slice your heart to the core. And sometimes there are things you just can't let go of or shake off. So be careful out there and be kind to each other. Be gentle with hearts and words you can't take back.

And to those who are absent, I still love you.

Good night and may God bless each of you as you travel this life.

© Joyce (Tidwell) Burns, ChynaMoon Creations, Chyna Moon Press,  1997-2014

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Finding a New Voice

It is amazing to me what life is becoming. Life that was once so sweet and full of promise has turned into daily gloom and doom with death and destruction or big crazy at your door as psychos, rich people and terrorists (not necessarily in that order) try to conquer the world. You would have thought that after all the death down through history that people would have learned something, but no. Most just deny and smile and move on as long as they are not the ones being hurt or killed. You will talk a topic to death on Face Book but not lift a finger to actually help fix the world, Shame, shame, shame on you!

Why are millions of good people bowing to the lunatics of the world ? I do not get it!!!

I refuse to be a part of the destruction around me. I will not be politically correct and I will tell you the truth. So if you don't want to hear that truth, don't  ask me and for sure, don't push me. I will stand up for small children, elderly people and animals with every breath in my body. They are defenseless. YOU are not. Never attempt to harm any of them in front of me. It won't come out well for you, I promise. 

Tolerance is one thing but laying down everything you believe in and letting someone walk all over you and those you love is another story. Actually its an abomination. I believe in "live and let live" to a point. Be as crazy as you want, but don't cross the line where you harm anyone else. You may think you are king size in this world but the fact is you are only a tiny speck on this small planet in a vast universe.

I don't pretend to have all the answers. I only know what makes me mad enough to fight back and I fear that time may be along any day. 

Be one of the good people. Love your neighbor and give it all you've got to always do the right thing. BUT- if and when the time comes, stand tall and don't be afraid.

© Joyce (Tidwell) Burns, ChynaMoon Creations, Chyna Moon Press,  1997-2014