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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Get Your Hand Outta My Pockets

In wondering what I would talk about tonight I had no idea I could go into such a funk over an insurance company!
I opened my car insurance renewal bill and much to my surprise they had raised my rates forty-six dollars a month! WTH? Nothing had changed in the last few months. No accidents, no tickets, so what? I started dialing 1-800.
At almost midnight I am calling an insurance company I have been with for almost seventeen years and trying to find a human to talk to. And ENGLISH damn it. After being on hold for approximately fifteen minutes (and this is near midnight) I finally hear a human voice. She's says quietly, "And what can I do for you tonight"? I wanted to scream into the phone by now but I calmly told her that I was confused about my bill.
By then I had pulled up my own account on my computer to the recent activity. OMG!
It seems that in February the company changed my due date without telling me! They installed a new computer system and oops, "we're sorry" guess that's when the date got changed. So she fixed that (supposedly...we'll see at a future date) and then I see the words LATE CHARGE on my computer screen! I got instantly furious as I am OCD about paying bills. So when I pointed all that out she said, "oh my", I'll get that removed.
So she decided she has everything fixed and I ask why I am being charged $46.00 more and she says, "it must be your credit score". To which I replied, "NO WAY IN HELL"! 
I have a great rating which I work very hard to keep and she says, "well I don't really know then". I said "by the way what has your credit score got to do with your rate if you have NEVER missed a payment and it has always been paid on time"? "Well that's a good question", she replied. She said she really didn't know and I should call the Information Department tomorrow. Can't wait to hear that logic!
So I still don't have an answer and she said, "by the way I can't fix the renewal date, sorry", (even though they are the ones who screwed it up). So I have to pay my bill eight days earlier than usual so I won't get a late charge because who knows if it's fixed or not?
Everyone has their hand in your pocket now! I used to be able to help other people once in a while, but now it is a struggle to eat. This has become a ridiculous problem that even the smallest of items in you life seem to cost at least four or five dollars and most things end up costing hundreds.  And every way you turn its a few extra dollars and a few more taxes. I would like to retire one day, but looks like I'll be eating cat food at my current pace.
Do these people think there is no limit to how much money a person has? Maybe its true for the rest of you, but not for me. Where are people getting all this money? Stealing it from others? Using plastic? I need insight, so please enlighten me wise ones.
I guess when America has come to the point where there are more people not working than ones who are its time for a change.
Sorry for all the rambling but gees Louise. Enough is enough.
And for all those folks who voted for a change? I'm still waiting to hear there has been one. Think you might have driven your ducks to a bad market! Eh?
Later friends. Save me a Margarita.

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Beginnings

Recent months have flown by. I don't know where a little over half a year has gone and I wake up and wonder what I have been doing all this time. I haven't even downloaded the pictures I took last September, much less the months after that. Its like I've been sleep walking through life and I have no excuse except for negative energy and wondering if the United States was going to turn into a police state.
But you can't worry about " what if " all the time so I am resuming living.
The above photo was in Montego Bay, Jamaica. I also visited New Orleans for a return visit, the Caymans and sailed in a regatta in Cozumel. Not necessarily in that order. 
It was a nice trip. Wish I was back there tonight, especially in Georgetown. It was so pretty.
 I also finished my second poetry book," Fragments ". Just can't seem to get around to publishing it. Have new short stories too but not sure what I want to do next.
At any rate, I think I am back, so check back here once in a while if you want to see what's going on.
God bless all my friends, family and aquaintances. I hope life finds each of you happy and blessed.
See you soon.

© Joyce (Tidwell) Burns, ChynaMoon Creations, Chyna Moon Press,  1997-2013